By Devin Kanach

These are some of the key buzzwords that found their way into a recent discovery call with a client around a new training and development curriculum initiative for an upcoming product launch. While these terms had not yet been introduced to his specific materials, he is not alone in this effort to enhance his internal communication materials by using these traits as his guiding principles. While some may see this client trend as not surprising, it should be considered an important insight into the way health care is transforming in order to keep pace with the new generation of health care providers and the patients that they treat.

As someone who may be classified as a “millennial”, this is a trend that is extremely exciting to see reach health care especially since it is imperative for successful communication in a generation dominated by social media. This generational resource can arguably be consider as a reason why my peers often do not spend more than a few seconds reading a scientific article or have the interest to keep up with a standard weekly newsletter. Acknowledging this, it is that much more important for promotion and educational materials are executed in a way that is both creatively captivating and “cuts to the chase” rather quickly. 5 minute long virtual reality experiences may not be as impactful as a quick infographic. 6 second video clips may be more engaging than a 60 second commercial. While it has been apparent that my clients have been moving in this direction, it is important that the world of health care continues to transform as quickly as the attention of the audience.


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