By Russell Grimaldi

At the core of healthcare transformation are people and their ability to connect with others in a meaningful way that is deeply rooted in trust. This trust leads to enhanced communication, collaboration and co-creation of either enhancements to existing approaches or the creation of new offerings altogether. And if we believe this notion that people are at the core of healthcare transformation, we must also recognize that helping people access their full potential must also be present. This requires that we put aside negative self-talk, limiting beliefs and bias and as leaders, create an environment that not only allows this to happen but encourages it or better yet, demands it. These are just a few of the tenets that lead to the formation of high performing teams (individuals coming together to create transformation).

The environment that facilitates “healthcare transformation”, transformation in general and transformational growth is also one that not only allows individuals to fail but embraces the concept of “failing fast” and recovering.  Another critical ingredient to this is the willingness of individuals, teams and leaders to show up with our vulnerabilities exposed. While I’m not suggesting that we completely open the kimono and share our deepest, darkest secrets I do believe that for better or worse, we all have vulnerabilities and when we hide them, we shut down a part of ourselves. The armor that we often wear in the workplace greatly inhibits our productivity, connection to others, collaboration and team cohesion that leads to creating transformation.

Technology has had both positive and negative impacts in our lives and like anything else, it depends largely on how, when and where it is used. Social channels, live streaming, remote meeting technology and many, many others enable human connection where it otherwise may not have taken place. Conversely, we can sometimes default to technology where it inhibits human connection and the very place where transformation (healthcare transformation) occurs. Every healthy system requires balance and like anything else understanding what form of connection is needed optimizes our chances for creating transformation.

By helping people access and realize their full potential and tapping into the collective wisdom that emanates from people connecting with people we have limitless possibilities for creating transformation…healthcare transformation notwithstanding. A whole-hearted commitment to this philosophy at Guidemark Health allows us to be One Need Ahead