No one could have predicted just how profoundly smartphones would change human behavior. This isn’t just a buzz worthy statement. Depending on your source, research shows that Americans look at their Smartphones upward of 150 times a day and goldfish have a greater attention span at 9 seconds vs. 5-8 seconds for the average Internet user. 

We no longer use a phone to make phone calls (unless absolutely necessary) and more and more, these super computers are referred to as mobile devices. The phone has become our personal assistant and to be without it leaves us uneasy and nervous.

As a result, the most successful marketers have altered how they attempt to engage consumers in light of the monumental shift in how and where we consume information.

What Are Micro-Moments?

As good stewards of marketing dollars, we decided to outline the ways our clients could be more relevant and focused in this new world order. This led us to the concept of “micro-moments,” coined by Think with Google, as a way to pinpoint intent rich moments where preferences are being shaped and action is most likely to occur. It is no surprise that mobile search is surpassing desktop as users are looking for immediate solutions and consulting their smartphones multiple times throughout the day during various tasks. Google refers to these micro-moments as “I want to know, go, do, or buy” moments. Naturally, these “in task” moments are about need fulfillment and very search driven.

A Larger Trend in Moment Targeting

Our research further suggests there is a larger trend emerging around moment marketing, also commonly referred to as trigger based marketing. Given the myriad benefits including targeting marketing dollars at the point of highest receptivity, we were left asking ourselves why healthcare is lagging in adoption.

Achieve Competitive Advantage

Join us for an on-demand webinar to learn how to embrace Moment Marketing to achieve competitive advantage.

In this brief video, we share case studies, an executional framework and healthcare specific applications so you can feel confident integrating this exciting new approach into your promotional mix.

Moment Marketing from Guidemark Health on Vimeo.


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