Janis Cohen

EVP, Head of Medical Communications

As EVP, Head of Medical Communications, Janis is responsible for maintaining the agency’s standards of excellence, meeting client expectations, talent management, and oversight of innovative strategic communication plans in the med comm and speaker bureaus disciplines. Janis’ role and responsibilities enable her to leverage her deep heritage as a healthcare communications executive with a proven track record in medical education, medical communications, advertising and promotion, access and reimbursement, and publishing – in both the US and Europe.

From Fortune 100 companies to venture backed organizations to global communication networks, Janis has proven to be highly skilled at creating winning strategies and teams, improving efficiencies for increased client value, and enhancing delivery of products and services across a broad range of therapeutic categories in all life cycle stages. Janis’ leadership skills have built her reputation for enhancing/creating company cultures and channeling team efforts in meeting client goals and expectations.

Janis, not a native New Yorker, made her way here through Washington, DC, Chicago, NYC, Milan, and now back to New York – which she considers “home”. Janis clearly loves travel and adventure, and enjoys using her Italian whenever possible. She also loves to spend time with her son and his fiancé, as well as other family and friends – on both sides of the ocean.

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