Unleashing the Power of Moment Marketing in Healthcare

No one could have predicted just how profoundly smartphones would change human behavior. This isn’t just a buzz worthy statement. Depending on your source, research shows that Americans look at their Smartphones upward of 150 times a day and goldfish have a greater attention span at 9 seconds vs. 5-8 seconds for the average Internet user.  We no longer use a phone to make phone calls (unless absolutely necessary) and more and more, these super Read more…

Marketing Healthcare to Millennials

Disclaimer: This blog will not contain jokes about millennials Forget everything you have heard about millennials. The media may paint millennials as lazy hipsters addicted to taking selfies, but in actuality, they are open-minded, accepting, confident, self-expressive, and receptive to new ideas and ways of living. Born between 1980 and 2000, there are more than 90 million millennials living in the United States.1 They are recognized as the first generation to grow up completely immersed in Read more…

Quick. Assessible. Engaging.

These are some of the key buzzwords that found their way into a recent discovery call with a client around a new training and development curriculum initiative for an upcoming product launch. While these terms had not yet been introduced to his specific materials, he is not alone in this effort to enhance his internal communication materials by using these traits as his guiding principles.

Transforming Healthcare, Creatively

Being a creative soul working in such a dynamic landscape allows me to continually learn and push the limits. In my estimation, there are two roles of creativity as it relates to healthcare—building brands and leveraging the rise of technology as a form of marketing—often these are one in the same. In the realm of oncology, the two roles are integral as technology continues to interact with our target audiences at almost every point of their journey in ways we never thought possible.